Evening Light


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Evening Light – Fishing Dhow Leaving Harbour” by Carie Sauzé

Original Watercolour

External size of Framed work  47 Cms x  61 Cms.  (Actual Painting size without mount (matt)  26 Cms x 35 Cms.)

Go down to the Financial Harbor in downtown Manama, Bahrain any evening and you will see all the dhows departing for a night’s fishing trip. I wanted this picture to depict a warm autumn evening with the last of the day’s light before sunset. This is the time of day which has a special sort of  light. It leaves a golden glowing sky and a pale turquoise sea. There is a slight hint of evening mist against the background buildings. I love this time of day.

I wanted to show the way the water behaves after the boat has just reversed out of its mooring and is now moving forward at full speed, with a strong bow wave, hinting at the crew’s eagerness to get underway. With the engine pumping out water at the side of the boat, you can almost hear the throb of her engines. The crew are hoping for a safe trip and anticipating a good catch. Smoke from the exhaust swirls around behind them and the circling birds are calling out and also hoping there will be a good catch. They will eagerly await the fleet’s return in the morning.

I love the deep, sweeping curves on the gunwales of the dhows and the slats for the awnings. It must have been a wonderful sight in years gone by, watching the sailing versions leaving and entering harbor.