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"The Fabric Stall" by Carie Sauzé
“The Fabric Stall” by Carie Sauzé

I enjoy painting landscapes that inspire me. I want to capture a moment in time as a permanent memory. The light at different times of the day and the way shadows are cast, or atmosphere is created, are all elements I strive to achieve.

Although I work from both sketches and my own photographs, living in Bahrain it is often too hot to sketch outdoors and I am forced to work solely from my photos and memories. I usually work from several photos at a time and have built up a library of “people in action” source photos that I use in different paintings. I will also crop images in Photoshop to decide on composition or colouring/shadows etc. before I start using the photos.

I have a passion for details and I would like people to notice something new every day in my more detailed paintings, for example my “Souq Memories” paintings. Even I, am sometimes surprised by details that I had forgotten about! I always have a favourite bit of any painting and it is often something trivial like a stack of towels, or a particular fabric pattern, or the pose of a person.

When choosing a subject for a painting I will look at the scene and decide what the most important element is and block that out with my hand to see if the composition would work without it, or if it is actually “the” thing in the scene. Sometimes it is the positioning of a color, or a person. Sometimes a window or tree, or in the case of a souq composition, a random sign, or hanging garment.

It is my hope that you, the viewer, get as much pleasure out of looking at my paintings as I do painting them. For me, as with all artists, the fascination is in the process of doing the painting and if it works out well at the end and other people enjoy it then that is truly the “cherry on the cake” for me.

Original Landscapes currently for sale can be seen in a separate tab in the main menu. Under this tab (Landscapes & Prints) my landscapes which have been made into “Limited Edition Prints” are arranged in three separate galleries “Bahrain Landscapes”, “British Landscapes”and “Italian Landscapes”. These are images of my previously sold originals plus any currently available originals. My Limited Edition Prints are in print runs of 500 unless otherwise stated and are offered mounted and ready for framing in size 30cms x 40cms (approx). All are signed and numbered by the Artist.