"Memories of My Mum" by Carie Sauzé
“Memories of My Mum” by Carie Sauzé

Portraits have always been my first love. I have been drawing and painting people since I was two years old and could first hold a crayon. No one may have recognized them as portraits at that time, but that’s what they were in my head! Hopefully nowadays they do look like the people they are depicting. I particularly love drawing children and my own four have been the subject of many a project. I want to record the essence of that person. I enjoy using a variety of media for my portraits. Whether it be simple graphite pencil “paintings”, pastels, watercolors or more recently coloured pencils. Each can have a dramatic finished presence on the wall. I plan on experimenting with oils next, although I have thus far been put off because of the smell of the paints and thinners, but as new low odour thinners are now on the market I will have a go.

I take commissions for portraits of people, pets or houses and I will either take photos and sketches myself or you can send a photo of a loved one. These must be high quality photos showing good contrasts and shadows. A three quarters pose is preferable to a full front view. An interesting pose is always better than just a smile.