No. 28 Man on a Bike – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

This week’s sketch is of a man on a bike. I did an earlier video of a child on a bike (Time Lapse Video Number 6) and enjoyed the challenge of drawing the bike as well as the person riding it. The gentleman on the bike was a gardener at the Camel Farm on Janabyia Highway in Bahrain. Behind the Camel Farm there are beautiful extensive date palm groves which lead down to the seashore. This photo was from another photo group outing. After photographing the camels we came across the gardeners who were happy to pose for us. I did a large painting of this gentleman and one of the other gardeners riding their bikes. I also did three other paintings from this photo shoot. A portrait of another gardener, a painting of the doors to the gardeners’ little house entitled “Behind the Blue Doors” (a tiny portion of this painting can just be seen on my You Tube channel banner) and another smaller painting of a mother camel and her baby camels which was donated to the same art auction at the British Embassy as the “Pottery Man” pencil drawing that I mentioned in the description of that video. As always if you enjoyed this video please “like”, “share” and “subscribe” if you wish to see more. New videos published every Sunday at 1530 BST.
Happy Painting, Carie x

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