No 10 Sleeping Child – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

No 10 Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch – Sleeping Child

This week`s Watercolour Time Lapse is of a sleeping child, actually my elder Grandson. Through the years I have done many sketches and paintings of sleeping children. When my four children were babies I often did sketches of them whilst they slept, however I soon discovered that this was not infallible as children move in their sleep more often than we realise. I therefore learned to take “back up” photos to help if the child moved before I had finished.

This little sketch again took me about three hours continuous work in real time. Hope you enjoy the video and of course as ever please “Like”, “Share” and “Subscribe” if you enjoyed this video. As always thanks to my son at Cornwall DMC for his help in editing and putting together this video. Have a good week everyone and see you again next Sunday at 1530BST

Carie Sauzé

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