No 9 Winter Sun – Church – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

This is Time Lapse Video Number 9  from my You Tube Channel (Carie Sauzé Paintings).

This week’s time lapse Watercolour is of Maker Church in Cornwall, which I thought was topical as it’s Easter. It’s a lovely church, but very cold in winter! It stands quite isolated on the crest of a hill ridge and can be seen for miles. To the right of the church, just beyond the trees, the graveyard opens out onto a wonderful sea view. There are beautiful walks from the church down towards Mount Edgcumbe House and grounds.

The actual sketch, again took me about three hours to complete. I added the St. George’s flag at the top of the tower, but regretted it afterwards as I made it too big and it doesn’t look right. Oh well that’s what sketches are for and I won’t make that mistake if I decide to work it up into a full sized painting. I’m still working on making some “how to” videos. At present my aim is to continue with the weekly Sunday time lapses but to add occasional additional Friday videos, in which I will try out different content. Maybe do a time lapse of a full sized painting with commentary on how I go about the whole process from beginning through to completion.

Happy Easter!🐣🐣🐰🐤🐥🤗

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Thank you again to my son for putting the video together.

Carie Sauzé

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