No 8 Cat Portrait – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

This is Number 8 of my Time Lapse videos on You Tube.

This week’s time lapse is a watercolour sketch portrait of my cat, Phoebe. I have two cats. They are sisters and look almost identical. They are “rescue” cats from the BSPCA (Bahrain’s SPCA) and were adopted into our family over 11 years ago and flew back  with us two and a half years ago when we relocated to the UK.

For this sketch I used two photos, one which showed Phoebe with her eyes open (a fairly rare occurrence as she sleeps a lot!) And the other photo, which shows the shape of her ears, plus a bit of background to add interest. I wanted the background to be stronger around the cat and fade off at the edges. If I’d been doing this as a finished painting I would have paid more attention to positioning it correctly on the page, but as a sketch it doesn’t matter.

I would normally have used masking fluid to mask out the white whiskers, but frustratingly I discovered that it had dried up, so I need to purchase some more, and I therefore had to use my white gel pen which didn’t work as well. In addition to the watercolour and white gel pen, I also added a few details with a very fine black drawing pen. Thank you for watching. Hope you enjoyed viewing the sketch and as usual if you liked it please “like”, and if you would like to see more please “subscribe” and “share”. See you next Sunday at 1530 BST.

Thanks as always to my sons for their help.

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