No 7 Andalusian Doors – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch


This is Video Number 7 of my You Tube Time Lapses.

This week’s time lapse is of a doorway with wisteria growing around the terrace. I was probably a week too late as the wisteria was past its best, so I did add some artistic licence with some extra blossom.

I’ve had to use my son’s GoPro the last couple of weeks, rather than my usual camera as I was out in Spain and I couldn’t take my heavy tripod with me. So I had to have something lighter that would fit on the Gorillapod tripod, which, being so small does intrude into the picture.

This picture isn’t strictly just a watercolour as I added some pen and ink details to the shadows on the wisteria and the shadows between the leaves and blossoms. So really this is a “Mixed Media” painting. I did this sketch over a couple of late afternoons outdoors and thus the light does alter throughout the videos.

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