No 6 Child on a Bike – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

This is Video Number 6 on my You Tube Channel  (Carie Sauzé Paintings). I think this is my favourite so far.

(APOLOGIES for the Typo in the title on the initial title page!)

Hi Everyone, this week’s timelapse is of a child on a bike. Actually from a photo of my middle son many years ago when he was learning to ride his bike. I was inspired to do this image because it has lots of “negative spaces” to think about. Using negative spaces really means thinking about the outline of the spaces in between the object and once you get the hang of seeing and drawing negative spaces it makes everything much easier to draw, honest!! However everyone finds this difficult to start with. It’s a bit like the famous picture which can be seen as a vase or two faces and flip flops between the two. Well hope that has given you something to ponder. Thank you again to my sons for their help. Hope you enjoyed the video and as ever if you did please “like”, “share” it and if you would like to see more “subscribe”. See ou next Sunday at 1530 BST And thank you for watching. Carie Sauzé

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