No. 4 Pink Orchids – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

I am still trying to catch up with posting my You Tube videos on my website. I am now actually up to number 9 on You Tube so I will just go ahead and try and post them all this evening on here and then they will be up to date until next Sunday. I post my videos every Sunday at 1530 BST. I hope you enjoy them.

“This is a Watercolour sketch of some pink Orchids. This week’s sketch has been a bit of a challenge for me, as I dislocated my ring finger when I tripped crossing a road. I also managed to fracture the finger as a result of the dislocation, so it’s been a bit traumatic and painful, but at least it was my left hand and I am right handed! I started this sketch by drawing out the negative spaces between the central flowers and drawing and painting the backgroud first. Thst helped me to position the flowers better on the page. I painted a pale wash on the leaves and then the petals and this helped to know which bits would be pink and which green. I also painted in some masking fluid to keep the whites when it is removed at the end. I did add a few whites at the end as well with a white gel pen. AGain thank you to my sons, especially Peter who did lots of work on the upload this week. Thanks for watching. Please “like” if you enjoyed it and subscribe for more videos and share. See you next Sunday.
Happy Painting Carie Sauzé”
With thanks for the help in making and editing this video to Cornwall Drone Media Company–k

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