No. 3 Child Portrait – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

(Sorry I’ve got a bit behind with sharing my You Tube videos on my website! So I will try and catch up over the next few days. Just for info I publish a new video on my You Tube channel, “Carie Sauzé Paintings”, every Sunday at 1530 BST or GMT in winter.)


This is my third time lapse watercolour sketch. This time of a child. The actual sketch took about three and a half hours in real time to do. I am going to try to do an explanation video of the process that goes into these sketches soon, but if it doesn’t get done this week then at least there will be another time lapse next week. Hope you enjoyed watching this little video and see you next Sunday at 1530 GMT with more. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed it please “like” it, feel free to “share” it and if you are interested in seeing more please “subscribe”. Thank you again to my sons for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you!

Carie Sauze

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