No 2 Beach Scene – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

So here is the second  time lapse video of my work. Again it is just a quick little practice sketch this time of a beach scene. My sons  helped with putting the video together, but after watching a ‘how to’ video, I managed to add the music myself and even the fade out at the end, so I am learning. The production side is still quite in its infancy and so far I haven’t really got the lighting right, but one of my son’s has lent me a photographic spotlight, so I am hoping that will improve the lighting.  The beach sketch took about three hours to paint. My intention is to post videos twice a week eventually, but last week I only managed the time lapse and never got the descriptive video done. Maybe this week I’ll have more time. I guess I will be trying out ideas and seeing if they work or not for some time.

I’ve worked out how to “schedule” videos on You Tube and will now post videos on Sundays at 1530 GMT and possibly additional videos on Fridays. Next week’s sketch is a Watercolour portrait.  If it all works out and you enjoy the videos then please “like” them, and/or subscribe, and if you wish  share them.

Thank you,  Carie

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