First YouTube video – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch of a Duck

This is my first ever attempt at a time lapse video of my work. It is just a quick little practice sketch of a duck. I had a great deal of help from two of my sons with putting the video together and adding the music etc. The production side was a steep learning curve and took much longer than the sketch itself, but hopefully as we become more familiar with the production techniques it will become quicker and the quality of the videos will improve.  The sketch took about two and a half hours and putting it together several days (although we were doing other things as well)! I am hoping to post videos twice a week, with a time lapse of a sketch and then a second video a few days later with a description of the painting process for the sketch in the time lapse, but for now I am just trying out ideas and seeing if they work or not.  Additionally I also hope to occasionally make time lapses of the process of a full painting but that will have to be shot over a longer time span as for more complex paintings it can take me several weeks to complete a painting so it will have to be in “episodes”. I will try it out and find out if it works or not. so it’s all about experimenting to see what works. I’m also contemplating making up a beginners course in drawing and watercolour but that is just an embryonic idea at present and to start with I will concentrate on the quick “sketches”.

My present thoughts are to post videos on Sundays and Fridays but that might change. If it all works out and you enjoy the videos then please like them, and/or subscribe, and if you wish  share them.

Thanks a lot.

Carie x

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