2. Watercolour Sketch and Newspaper Article

I wrote my first post back in May and have been trying ever since to get my website updated, and yesterday, with a lot of help from my Daughter-in-law (thank you CS), I managed to make it public. It’s been a busy time since I wrote the last post, as my husband and I are about to relocate back to the UK after nine years in Bahrain. So there are packing boxes everywhere. However I have managed recently to still do some small sketches. I took photos from the various stages thru to completion.

" 'TS' by the Duck Pond - watercolour sketch stage 1" by Carie Sauzé
” ‘TS’ by the Duck Pond – watercolour sketch stage 1″ by Carie Sauzé

This first image shows the initial pencil sketch plus the first colour wash. I have used the same paper, brushes and paints as in the first post. After drawing the basic outline I drew in the creases and folds on the trousers and jacket. It is important not to do the pencil drawing too dark, although I do sometimes add a bit of shading to remind me where the paint needs to be darker (as in the hair), however I would avoid doing that on the skin tones (or indeed any very light bits) as it could make the finished skin “grey” if the graphite bleeds into the paint. For my full size artwork I often sketch a complicated scene on “tracing paper” and make all my mistakes on that and then transfer this to the Watercolour paper. This avoids too much rubbing out which can damage the paper. It also means you can move the tracing around and decide exactly where it needs to be on the paper. I always do this very faintly and then redraw it again as I work on each bit. However with a sketch I just draw straight on the paper and then use an eraser and try to get a good fine line without it being too “sketchy”. It is very important not to press too hard as it will be impossible to erase and also can cause colour to “pool” in the indentations.

" 'TS' by the Duck Pond - watercolour sketch stage 2" by Carie Sauzé
” ‘TS’ by the Duck Pond – watercolour sketch stage 2″ by Carie Sauzé

As I said in my last blog post, with a sketch I will only do a few layers whereas with a full size painting I will often do seven or more pale layers. This sketch has had mostly only two layers, although I did three layers on the jacket. If this had been a full size painting I would have used masking fluid to mask out the figure completely and then finished the background before starting the figure, but until this stage I hadn’t decided whether or not I would do a background.

" 'TS' by the Duck Pond - watercolour sketch stage 3 finished" by Carie Sauzé
” ‘TS’ by the Duck Pond – watercolour sketch stage 3 finished” by Carie Sauzé

I decided after the last stage that I would try a background. As a sketch I didn’t take it to the edges. These sketches are a good indicator to decide whether or not to carry on and start a full sized painting or not. I decided I like this one and will one day make it into a finished painting.

" 'TS' by the Duck Pond - watercolour sketch stage 3 finished detail" by Carie Sauzé
” ‘TS’ by the Duck Pond – watercolour sketch stage 3 finished detail” by Carie Sauzé

Close up of finished sketch.

Newspaper Article

I was honoured last week to have an article by Santhosh Rajendran about my work in our local Bahraini newspaper the “Daily Tribune” and I have included a copy of it below

Carie Reaslistic Painter

Thanks to Santhosh and the Bahrain Daily Tribune.

Hope you enjoy my tips on painting and that you will pick up your brushes and have a go.


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