No. 37 My 2019 Inktober Sketchbook

This video has been a huge learning curve on the editing side. I learned a lot more about Premiere Pro which hopefully I’ll remember for future videos. It is the first time I’ve added a voice over and music and I had to look up how to do so many things, and it took me two attempts as I didn’t like the first one, but I got there in the end. I also just realized I called it No.38 in the video whereas in fact it is No. 37!!!!

This is a “Sketchbook Tour” of my Inktober 2019 sketch book. Another first for me was doing “Inktober”. This challenge was started by Jake Parker in 2009 and the idea is to make a sketch every day for the 31 days of October. The only stipulation being that the drawing has to be in some sort of ink, although digital drawings are allowed using “inking” as the medium.

There are lots of different “prompt” lists to choose from or you can make up your own. I chose to use the official prompt list from Jake Parker himself as it was my first year.

I really enjoyed doing the challenge although I did have to do a few days of catch up in the middle, but I completed it on time in the end. My sketches were a mix of from my imagination and for some using source photos as a starting point for inspiration.

I also posted my sketches on Instagram under the hashtags of #Inktober and #Inktober2019. There were some absolutely amazing entrants and there are lots of talented You Tubers videos of Inktober sketchbooks. I will put the links below to my Instagram account. Thank you for watching. Please “like”, “share” and “subscribe” if you wish to see more. Hopefully next Sunday’s will be on time at 1530GMT. See you then. Happy Painting. Carie. x

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