No. 35 Four Weeks Old – Watercolour Time Lapse Sketch

Unbelievably my new baby Grandson is already 4 weeks old! A cute little boy and I’ve been lucky to have plenty of hugs.

With every painting I do there is always something with which I am not happy. I can’t always tell what it is straight afterwards, but after a night’s sleep I can usually work it out. I had thought that I had made the cheeks too chubby, but on scrutinizing the picture this morning I realized that I had made the mouth too narrow, just a tiny bit and no one else would probably notice. So if you are doing a portrait and feel there is something wrong, take a breather or put it out of sight for a day or two and when you go back you may suddenly see what needs changing. Another way is to look at your picture in a mirror or upside down. Hope this tip helps. I am still pleased with this little sketch, just know what to check for in the future. Each painting is a learning development on one’s long artistic journey, even when you’ve done hundreds of paintings before!

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