No. 34 Waiting for the Ferry (Plymouth Sound from Cremyl) – Watercolour Time Lapse Sketch

This Sunday’s time lapse sketch is of the view from just outside Mount Edgcumbe on the waterfront at Cremyl in Cornwall. We are looking out into Plymouth Sound with Drake’s Island in the middle distance and across to the cliffs of Jennicliff in the far distance. I imagined that the girl sitting on the grass on the left is waiting for the Cremyl passenger ferry across to Plymouth, as on sunny days this is where people often sit and wait.

I love trying to make the sun shine in my paintings and (apologies as I may have told this story before!) when I was a child I always got frustrated as the sun never “shone” in my pictures and I remember asking my Mum ‘how to ‘make the sun shine’, she told me to paint in the shadows and that would make the sun shine. Now as an artist I think what good advice she gave me, even though she wasn’t artistic she had noticed what a difference shadows make. So if you are having trouble making the “sun shine” in your pictures then try adding the shadows.

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