No. 33 Father and Son Stroll – Time Lapse Watercolour Sketch

Apologies that the lighting is way overexposed on this week’s video. Not sure what went wrong there.

This week’s sketch is of my eldest Son and Grandson walking down to the sea in the village of Kingsand in Cornwall. Kingsand is a beautiful village in south east Cornwall. It is really two villages which join up and run into one. The border between Devon and Cornwall used to run through the middle of Kingsand and there is still a cottage which has a sign showing the original border between the two counties, although both villages are now in Cornwall and the River Tamar marks the border. Kingsand runs into the village of Cawsand and personally I think these two old, notorious smuggling villages are the prettiest in the area. Check out my video “No.13 Watercolour Sketch – Cornish Fishing Village” which is a view of Cawsand from the beach looking towards Kingsand.

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